15% for projects in Ghana


African clothes

We are believers.
We believe that true success is to discover who we really are,
to discover the enormous power we have within us,
to discover the attitude we take out of life every day.
To find our purpose.

What started out as a purpose driven festival brand in 2018 has evolved in much more than that. Driven by our purpose, we have become a movement - making real changes in the lives of human beings worldwide. 

Since 2019, incredible humans like you have helped us make significant impact, like providing 520 meals to Orphan kids. And it is leading to bigger and better impact, such as a complete construction of classrooms or creating local jobs in Ghana and beyond. 


It is our purpose to make the world a better place. This is why we work with local tailors. At the moment, we are collaborating with local teams of tailors in Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, Kenya and South-Africa. As such, we make agreements with our local tailors to pay them a fair hourly wage for every item they design for us. By doing so, we offer them a platform to pursue their dreams, ensure their kids can attend school and secure a basic standard of living. Additionally, 15% of each purchase supports local projects in Ghana and beyond. Our beliefs are rooted in giving back. Not only to our creators and projects, but also to you, our customer - our friend. We want to connect and inspire human beings worldwide.


Most apparel is hand-crafted in Africa by local tailors. From time to time, we will launch a new collection from Africa to the world - all in line with our exclusivity, sustainability and slow fashion. To guarantee exclusivity, we offer a once off maximum of 50 items per edition. 


We stands for mutual utility and dream of being beneficial to the entire world. Our ultimate goal is to unite humans, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. We want to make sure all humans in this world will have access and the opportunity to learn and grow. We believe that proper education is the only way to enhance the quality of humans life. In our world, basic needs, education, freedom and happiness are accessible for every single person.



Through our series of blogs, you can stay up to date with how you are empowering the tailors as well as the projects in Ghana. Follow their stories and join our journey ...