Be the festival Trend and Support Africa

Our Roots

African clothes

We are believers,
We believe that true success is to discover who we really are,
to discover the enormous power we have within us,
to discover the attitude we take out of life every day,
and to find our purpose. 

Inspired by humans all over the world, Tropical Africa was established in 2018.​ 
An international festival clothing brand, movement and community with a mission and purpose was born in The Netherlands. They are ready to give the festival world some new tropical colors in African style. And more importantly, they are committed to make an impact in this world. Your purchase at Tropical Africa has a purpose: 15% supports local projects in Africa. 


Our purpose is to connect, motivate and inspire humans worldwide through our apparel, community and vision. Furthermore, we partner up with nonprofit organizations on local projects in Africa to make an impact, while continuously showing the beauty of Africa.


Most apparel are hand-crafted in Africa by local tailors. From time by time, we will launch a new collection of tropical festival kits, festival t-shirts, festival shirts, and festival essentials. To guarantee exclusivity, we offer 50 editions of every item which are only available once. It is our goal to offer our apparel in the most sustainable way. Our sustainable packaging is the first step in realizing this ambition.


Next to our clothing line, we are a community. A community that is inspired by humans, cultures, and values. A community in which we make no distinction between people, but one in which we connect them. Together we think positive, act amazing and believe that we can make a difference.  


In our world, basic needs, education, freedom and happiness are accessible for every single person, all around the world. We contribute to make this world a better place. Creating work in Africa is the first step to making an impact in this world. At the moment, we are collaborating with local teams of tailors in Africa. With these collaborations, we make sure the tailors benefit as much as we do. By doing that, we help them pursue their dreams, entrepreneurial ambitions and make sure their kids are able to enjoy education. In addition, 15% of every purchase will support local projects in Africa. 


Through our series of blogs, we take you with us on our journey in which we tell you more about the beautiful projects and the vision of Tropical Africa. Besides, we tell you stories about the humans and tribes in Africa who produce the clothes, as well as our community and our ambassadors.