Be the festival Trend and Support Africa


During the year, we partner up with nonprofit organizations to set up, support, and participate in local projects. It is more than a one-time donation, it is a process, a step towards existence. The resources and knowledge will be deployed for lasting meaningful changes in the fields of:

1.    Basic needs: (e.g. healthy drinking water)
2. Education / entrepreneurship: (e.g. writing material)  
3. Personal development: (e.g. independency)


As of today, Tropical Africa already provided: 

- 443 meals for Orphan children in Africa.


We are honored to partner up with non-profit organizations that make it possible to realize our dreams. 

Kwame is a Dutch nonprofit organization helping proud and motivated Ghanaians realizing their dreams to live independently. Besides that, Kwame supports elementary schools and helps with the construction of sports fields and water wells.

We are touched and inspired by the story of Kwame and the structural changes they make to the lives of the people in Ghana. Together with you and Kwame we want to realize more dreams. Therefore, our first projects is to built a new school in Ghana while constantly provide basic needs. You make this happen. Read more about the activities on their website - (only dutch).

Tropical AfricaTropical Africa

We are always open for new social and business collaborations that are aligned with our purpose. Don’t hesitate to contact us.