Our core purpose is contribution to a better world. In our view this is the essence of who we are and what we are really about. So we partner up with nonprofit organizations to set up, support, and participate in local projects in Ghana. 15% of every purchase supports project with focus on basic needs (e.g. healthy drinking water), education / entrepreneurship (e.g. construction of schools) and personal development. (e.g. independency).


Since 2019, incredible humans like you have helped us achieve amazing impact:

Project I : The construction Ponacka Kids Club in Ashiyie, a suburb in Accra, Ghana. Read here the story of this project. 

Project IIThe construction of five classrooms at a primary and junior high school in Ago Meda (Ghana), the God is Good Academy. The construction is in the process. Click here for more information.

Project III : The equipment of five classrooms at a primary and junior high school in Ago Meda (Ghana), the God is Good Academy. Your purchases from drop III will support this project

Continuous project : 520 meals for Orphan children in Ghana.


Stichting Kwame is a Dutch nonprofit organization helping proud and motivated Ghanaians realizing their dreams to live independently. Besides that, Stichting Kwame supports elementary schools and local entrepreneurs. 

We are happy to set up projects with Stichting Kwame and make meaningful changes to the lives of the humans in Ghana. Through our partnership with Stichting Kwame and the contributions from you we can change the world together. Read more about Stichting Kwame on their website.

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We are always open for new social and business collaborations that are aligned with our purpose. Don’t hesitate to contact us.